Thursday, August 2nd

     17:00-19:00 Arrival/Registration
     19:00 Opening Program
         Welcome (Peti and Virág Szabad)
         Worship (prayers in different languages)
         Holy to the Lord (Peti Szabad, Budapest)
         Appointment of Gyuri and Ani Orsós
         On a Mission for a Holy God (Gyuri Orsós, Budapest)
     21:00 Fellowship

Friday, August 3rd

     9:00-12:00 Women's Program
         Holiness through Prayer (Virág Szabad)
             Gentle and Quiet Spirit (Timi Molnár, Budapest)
               How to keep your peace in this rushing world, and be a shining woman by putting
               your trust in the Lord?

             On a Mission for a Holy God (Ani Orsós, Budapest)
               How is holiness revealed in our attitude to the mission? How can women in different
               lifestyles be active and successful in God's holy mission?

             Holiness through Purity (Petra Avsec, Kiev)
               How to live as pure women in this impure world? How to strive for purity in our mind,
               emotions and actions?

             Zeal for God (Alona Sirotkin and Natasa Strazicic, Zagreb)
               How can we get back our zeal for God? What does it mean and what does it take
               to be a zealous woman?

     12:00 Lunch Break
     13:30-16:30 Men's Program
         Lift Up Holy Hands (Peti Szabad)
             Holiness through Purity (Adrian Molnár, Budapest)
               What does it take to live a pure life in this impure world. What tools and convictions
               can deepen our holiness and raise our confidence in our battle for purity?

             Holiness through Devotion (Vangjel Kojku, Tirana)
               How is holiness shown in our radical commitment to Jesus?  How can we make
               Jesus Lord of our whole lives again, and enjoy his Lordship?

             Holiness through Prayer (Theo Roropoulos, Athens)
               How is our prayer life connected deeply to our holiness? How to become a man
               of prayer, fighting on our knees for holiness?

             Holiness through Good Times and Bad Times
               (Oleg Sirotkin, Zagreb and Robert Skelo, Sarajevo)
               How is our holiness tested and purified through going through good times and
               hard times. How to persevere and surrender no matter what life brings?

     16:30 Dinner Break
     19:00 Evening Program
         Good News Sharing
         God's Holy Love (Greg Martin, Portsmouth)
     21:00 Fellowship

Saturday, August 4th

     9:00-11:30 Morning Program
         Worship time
         Good News Sharing
         Topical Classes
             You Have Known the Holy Scriptures (Adrian Molnár, Budapest)
               How to strive for holiness by developing deep roots in God's Word and interpreting
               it correctly? How to keep our fire burning for God's Word?

             Men and Women Full of the Holy Spirit (Peti & Virag Szabad, Budapest)
               Biblical leadership. A much needed area to keep our churches holy. If I have talents
               in leading how can I use it for building up God's church?

             Holiness - Free from the Love of Money (Fece Varga, Budapest)
               Becoming holy by digging out the root of all evil-the love of money. Get the biblical
               perspective of money and financial sacrifice
             Discipling - Making Each Other Holy (Gyuri and Ani Orsos)
               The biblical view of  forming Christ in each other's life. How to restore and apply
               this much needed biblical concept in our lives?

     12:00 Lunch Break
     12:00-15:00 HOPE worldwide Hungary - Blood Drive
       If you want to donate blood, please bring any card or certificate that proves that have valid
       health insurance in your country!
     15:30 Outdoor Sport, Fun and Fellowship
             Playground for Children
             Picnic (bring your own food and drinks)
     19:00 Dinner Break
     20:00-23:00 Dancing

Sunday, August 5th

     10:00-12:00 Church Service
             Communion: We Have Been Made Holy through the Sacrifice of the Body of
               Jesus Christ (Oleg Sirotkin, Zagreb)
             Sermon: Entering the Most Holy Place (Thierry Fender, Geneva)
     12:00 Departure









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