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From Vladko in Skopje, Macedonia

     From the very morning when I arrived in Budapest 05:10 am I could see how God is changing me. I took a book at Balazs place to read and I was convicted about my sin that I have a problem a big problem that God wanted me to change. This knowledge has brought me to my lowest point of my life, and I believe that it was the first time that I fall on my knees to pray most ernestly to God, I prayed that God will take it away during the conference so that I can not have thoughts that will stop me from having a pure and holy time with all of my brothers and sisters, so that I can encourage everybody. And God did take away my weakness and I had a pure and holy time with my spirituall family. But that is not all, I was humbled, I was singing just for Gods glory, whle before I was singing for my own. My faith has grown a lot and my love for all brothers and sisters. Gregs preaching helped me to have dreams and I have dreams and they are Godly dreams for the salvation of the lost.
     Odrians lesson on purity helped me to feel for the sin in me, Before when I use to sin I was saying, I am sorry, and then I think am I really sorry, I didnt know. But when I was confessing, I cried from the depths of my heart. I was sad and happy at the same time, sad cause I wasnt what God wanted me to be (Holy and pure), and happy because I knew that my faith was true now that I truly want to cnange I was sure that I love God and that I wanted to be what He wants me to be.
     Thiery Fenders lesson convicted me of the certainty that is promised to me about going to heaven.
     So in short, God has humbeled me which helped me to be thankfull for the little I have and I dont deserve, and to treat God in a way that is worthy for a God and a King of my life knowing that I am not worthy of living yet I wake up every morning to live another day with God.
    So that would be what I wanted to share with you, and now I am sure that I want to be holy to the Lord and I know that I want to be usefull for the plans God has for macedonia and serbia.
     I love you and God bless you.
    Your brother in Christ Vlatko.

From Theo in Athens, Greece

The conference "Holy to The Lord" finished two days ago, but Im still humming silently the song "The Spirit's fire, the Spirit's fire", as im typing these lines from Miro's&Doini's apartment in Sofia.

We were very blessed to be given the chance and go there, we were very blessed that my boss- even thought she couldn't remember when did she do it(!)-, she signed for me to have both Thursday and Friday so we can be there from the first day, we were blessed and grateful to God for The Budapest church that made it once again possible for so many of us to worship with so many other disciples, and we were blessed to meet again our Lord in His majesty, through His Word, preached humbly by brothers and sisters from all over the world.
Bulgarians,coming from Dubai, Slovenians coming from Croatia,Russians coming from Croatia, FYROMians coming from Bulgaria, Londoners coming from Hungary, even Bulgarians coming from Athens..!A true European mixture of faith!

From Balazs in Budapest, Hungary

Before the Conference myself and my bibletalk evangelized a lot but God held the harvest for this time. To the conference some sisters came from Ukraine who shared their faith on the street of Budapest with a guy who spoke Russian. They gave Him my telephone number which I gave them to inform if they would be lost.

In some days this guy rang me that he would be interested in the church service that was offered by some "women who tried to speak to him in English". I was amazed to see the sisters heart for the lost even in a city where they don't speak the langauage and I was glad that someone called me by himself who is interested in God. This encouraged my faith and conviction that God works several ways and He is the best organiser in the World. When I told the sisters that He called me up, they were glad as well and told me that they prayed for this. Now they will continue to pray for this guy to get baptised.










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